Travis Austin

"Conformity is the only real fashion crime"

-Simon Doonan, Creative Director; Barney's


Vintage.                          Branding.                        Community.                


Vintage. Every Travis Austin piece is approached as a work of art, an original piece that will eventually find a home with the perfect buyer. The pieces are not created with trends in mind: they are birthed from the understanding that if rock 'n roll culture isn't carried through the fashion of our generation, then we may lose it forever. There is an undying respect that goes into each and every piece created. We are very proud to offer the stories, artwork and character of those before us in the pieces we produce and reintroduce to the fashion cycle. These leathers have stories buried inside of them; our job is to do everything we can to bring them back to life.


Branding. As much as we love to put our pieces out into the public, we are just as proud to offer our art as branding tools for Musicians, Editors and Artists alike. Our jackets have been on the backs of artists such as Tiesto, The Cheat Codes, Jauz, G Eazy, OOKAY and many others on stages all over the world. Let's sit down and discuss how our ability to capture impressions can strengthen your brand and expand your reach.


Community. Our showrooms are not solely for us, but for the hundreds, if not thousands, of artists that can not afford a platform to get their art in front of the public. The Travis Austin Galleries will be an accessible and affordable platform for anyone who needs it. We look forward to not only building our brand in our community but help build it through others as well.