A Little "Luck" in the Southwest

A Little "Luck" in the Southwest


When offered to collaborate with moguls like Southwest Airlines and Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, it’d be absolutely outrageous not to make something new and unique. Southwest Airlines is a frequent supporter of live music and mini event series for local musicians.

Partnering with Luck Reunion, Southwest approached Travis for an out-of-the-box take on marketing and advertisement. Instead of a typical plastic banner or likewise signage, Travis suggested suitcases. SUITCASES!

Marketing for massive brands like these involve specific fonts, phrases and coloration. Hours of research, storytelling and art went into getting just the right hue of Southwest mustard and maroon. Each individual case handle was painted, and every trim alternated colors. With the help of his assistant, a hand-painted landscape silhouette crossed over four suitcases ranging from desert, canyon, mountain and tropics. Luck Reunion’s tour name “Artist on the Rise” looked masterful and vibrant across the cases.

When the pieces of advertisement art were debuted at The Rustic Dallas on stage for Madison Cunningham, Katie Pruitt and Chawa, it looked cool, fresh and dignified. The TA team was honored to create something so different for such great supporters of live music.


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