Fashion Up to Bat

Fashion Up to Bat

Major League Baseball doesn’t have as strong of a fashion culture compared to the NFL, partly due to the length of season and amount of players. Delino Deshields wants to revamp this culture to something remarkable in MLB fashion. Deshields reached out to Travis to be a part of the movement to enrich MLB with style, fashion, trend, media, and more.

They decided a Sonic x Travis Austin hat was the perfect way to take the first step forward in this culture shift. This hat was made with elements of the TA aesthetic, Delino’s look, and imagery of Sonic the Hedgehog which Delino’s nicknamed.

The hat is a traditional black western hat we molded into a modern fashion forward piece with electric blue trimming like Delino’s hair. There’s three symbolizations three different times on the hat: a hand drawn image of Sonic on top of the 3 of Diamonds hand card and a hand-studded gold ring to symbolize the videogame on the other side. This piece is named “Together We,” the social media phrase for the Texas Rangers all season long.

Travis presented “Together We” on the Globe Life field during batting practice and was able to catch amazing content thanks to Delino’s team, @whiteteedc.

“This was an amazing experience,” Travis said.  “It was like my life was coming full circle after being a collegiate baseball player myself. Thank you Delino and T for your support.”

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